Farid El Nasire

A New York City based Software Engineer from Amsterdam, who is passionate about startups and crazy experiments.


Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in how anything tech-related works. When I was 9 years old I got my own computer, and around age 12 I started teaching myself how to program. About a year later I got a weekend job at a lumber company, where I got to build and optimize their (first) webshop.

In high school I got more interested in cyber security; I ended up almost getting expelled after I gained full control over about 800 workstations at 5 different schools. In college I fell in love with hackathons and working on "crazy projects". I ended up creating a social music player embedded inside Facebook, using APIs from 7digital, Youtube and Facebook, about half a year ahead of the Spotify-Facebook collaboration. In college I was also one of 8 students selected to work on a project for the European Commission. This ended up taking me to Slovakia and Norway to research cultural similarities and differences between our countries and to develop a social network for European students in creative fields.

After college, I co-founded an app which could (in real-time) display the live location of analog homemade rockets fired at Israel, which we sold a mere 3 months later. And I also worked on projects for numerous Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Coca Cola and Nestlé, as well as smaller businesses and startups.

I am currently with a group of very talented people at Mymee, where I help cure chronic autoimmune diseases, one line of code at a time.

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You can tweet me @faridelnasire, or send me an e-mail: iam@faridelnasire.com.

My resume can be found right here: download resume.